Monday, October 24, 2011

Angel Brides on the Air you say?

Hello my friends - just HAD to share some very exciting news with you all - during a bridal show, I had the opportunity to visit with many new vendors, both old and new, and as time allowed, I shared with them our Angel Brides program. It felt so good to be sharing this with new friends, it's been a tough year for so many, and it was just amazing to see how their faces lit up and how well it was received.

One of ETM's long time friends, Cindy Lieber from OC sat and visited with me for a while, and while we spoke she asked how the program was doing - today I got a call from her asking if I'd like to be a guest on her weekly talk show this Friday sharing about our Angel Brides program!!!

I am so very excited to be able to share with more people, get the word out about what we do and who we help -

Please tune in this Friday at 2pm PST to!!! Help us share the love and the stories!