Friday, February 17, 2012

Angel Brides, Interrupted - but never forgotten!

Funny how life gets in the way - seems to happen for us all once in a while, doesn't it? It seems as though our Angel Brides have been hiding as well. Just dealing with life and putting the thoughts of a Happily Ever After on hold...

We are forever telling the Angel Brides story, and finding more and more vendors that want to be be involved. Just this weekend, we even found a venue that is willing to waive their fees for a deserving couple.

Now that wedding season is upon us again, I found myself on the prowl for more brides - where could they be hiding? Hasn't ANYONE seen a bride that needs help lately?

Well, I'm happy to say I have found not just one, but TWO amazing young women who simply want to get married! I'm so excited to hear more about their stories, get to know them and make their wedding dreams come true!

Please, if you hear of a couple who is struggling to make their wedding happen, send them our way - as we always say - we can't always do everything for everyone, BUT we can always do something for everyone!

Until next time =) Erin