Thursday, September 30, 2010

Start Spreadin the News....and then some!

It was very interesting to see what pieces of the 30 minute interview they selected to use. Of course they showed me all teary weapy and quivering - we all saw that one coming, right? The minute the story aired on the news, my phone, email and Facebook began sounding off - we experienced a surge in nominations and volunteers who want to be part this amazing day celebrating humanity and its charity.

Did you see it? if not, here is the link for it -
I'm afraid you'll have to copy and paste as the link insertion doesn't seem to work for me.

First out of the gate? A costume designer from LA who is interested in helping however they can. Another photographer, videographer, makeup artist - one of the photographers and his wife an amazing makeup artist both from Kerrys wedding posted on my Facebook simply, we're in if you need us!

This morning I received an email from a coworker from 13 years ago wanting to help and be part of this magical day - oh and she knows people who would also like to help.

I continue to be amazed by the power not only of the media helping to get word out, create a buzz - but by the power of people wanting nothing more than to be part of something good and helping others. What a tremendous thing!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

...the word continues to spread. NBC Interview

I look at my phone and see a phone number I don't recognize, so of course wait for it to go to voicemail (sorry Jennifer =/) and dialed into my voicemail as soon as the little icon pops up.

"Hi Erin, this is Jennifer Bjorklund from NBC4 - I'd like to interview you about Angel Brides...." AFTER I stopped giggling with excitement, I made contact with her -we set our interview time and met at the Stadium under the big red hats - not so ironically the exact spot that our couples will exchange their vows in December. The interview was amazing! I kept going through all the key points in my head, reading my mental notes (hopefully my eyes were flittering around like some mad woman) - and yes I must admit, I teared up at one point. I tried sooo hard not to, but I guess when you're as passionate about something as we are about our brides it's just so hard NOT to. She spent some time this morning checking out my blog, our website and had so many nice things to say about what we're doing. What a tremendous woman with a kind and giving heart and I'm so very grateful to her for shining some light on our efforts to support our Angel Brides and those who love them.

Oh, and her cameraman Kristopher - another tremendous individual - offered his services as one of the photographers that we will need for the day.

The story will air tonight during the 5 pm hour.

What a tremendous, fabulous great day!

Our Story hits the OC Register

We knew we'd be doing a story in the Register - I'd contacted Lori and told her about what we are hoping to do, and asked for her help in getting the word out so we could get our bride nominations and hopefully spark the interest of some fellow industry professionals - afterall if it takes a village to raise a child, it must take an entire country to put on 10 simultaneous weddings, right?

Lori and I talk and she says let's run it on October 11th, which is actually perfect, because it would be one year after Kerry and Kurts wedding - how fun and fitting would that be to see how everything has developed, blossomed and grown in the last 12 months..... well that all changed yesterday with an email. 'I think sooner is much better than later - let's get the word out now' and with that the interview happened and the story was written. The goal? do a smaller article now with the details about the event and bring in the nominations - then we can do the larger, more in depth story later.

Our story posted and the response has been tremendous! not only are the nominations streaming in, but industry professionals are stepping up and volunteering their time, talents and support for this event. These are all strangers to ETM, to Angel Brides and much to my pleasant surprise they have the same philosophy and heart that we do with our Angel Brides.

We at Events TaylorMade are so humbled and honored to be part of the BenefitAll, the Day and everything it represents! I am so very excited to see how this all comes together. We will be accepting bridal nominations (send them to until November 1st; the announcement will be made on November 18th!

oh - here's the link for the story! Please share it with your friends - the more clicks it gets, the longer it will stay up!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Angel Brides Dream Team goes to Angel Stadium of Anaheim - December 18th.

Events TaylorMade and its Angel Brides Dream Team are proud to be taking part in a day of giving back to the community, called BenefitAll which is to be held on December 18th, 2010 at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim!

This is our opportunity to take part in something truly special - this day of giving back will have so many charitable organization collecting and distributing items that are so needed - and to pay it forward and grant these wedding wishes seems so fitting!

To do this, we need our couples - if you know of someone who's always gone above and beyond for others, and now that the time has come for their wedding, things just seem to be going wrong - please, share their story with us. We will be notifying our couples on November 18th and handing them their invitations. There are many details still to be worked out, but these weddings will take place at absolutely no cost to the couples, their families or guests. We plan to provide them with not only a customized wedding, but also a reception be it hor d'oeuvres, beverages and cake or something more for up to 100 people per wedding.

If you are a vendor who is not yet part of our Angel Bride Dream Team but think that this is the perfect opportunity to do so, please contact us as well.