Wednesday, September 29, 2010

...the word continues to spread. NBC Interview

I look at my phone and see a phone number I don't recognize, so of course wait for it to go to voicemail (sorry Jennifer =/) and dialed into my voicemail as soon as the little icon pops up.

"Hi Erin, this is Jennifer Bjorklund from NBC4 - I'd like to interview you about Angel Brides...." AFTER I stopped giggling with excitement, I made contact with her -we set our interview time and met at the Stadium under the big red hats - not so ironically the exact spot that our couples will exchange their vows in December. The interview was amazing! I kept going through all the key points in my head, reading my mental notes (hopefully my eyes were flittering around like some mad woman) - and yes I must admit, I teared up at one point. I tried sooo hard not to, but I guess when you're as passionate about something as we are about our brides it's just so hard NOT to. She spent some time this morning checking out my blog, our website and had so many nice things to say about what we're doing. What a tremendous woman with a kind and giving heart and I'm so very grateful to her for shining some light on our efforts to support our Angel Brides and those who love them.

Oh, and her cameraman Kristopher - another tremendous individual - offered his services as one of the photographers that we will need for the day.

The story will air tonight during the 5 pm hour.

What a tremendous, fabulous great day!

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