Monday, February 2, 2015

Oh, for the Love of Mom - for Nicole and James

Like many of our brides, I was contacted through Amy, a mutual friend after she and her husband Robert had dinner with Nicole and James. Because Amy and Robert were one of my first Angel Bride couples, they know all they have to do is ask! This was last Sunday the 25th of January. I took to our AB Facebook page and put the all call out to the dream team, like we do everytime we get the call. We call it 'throwing pixie dust into the wind' you never know who's looking for a way to give back, or who can or can't lend a hand. This is the magic at work. Throughout the day Monday and Tuesday, We asked the normal questions - what do they have? what do they need? How can we help?? Amy did her best to answer the barrage of questions and then Tuesday morning I got a call from a new number "Hi this is James, the groom". OH well hello there! He then explained to me that they had to move the date from the 13th to 'THIS SATURDAY' because the doctors told them that Nicoles mom would not make it to the 13th. My heart sank and I felt a knot in my stomach like I'd never felt before. What do I say? How do I react? There is nothing I can do to make the situation better - omigosh, omigosh, dear Lord please guide me so my actions and decisions are appropriate...... I decided to just shut up and listen. He told me about Nicole, about her mom, what her mom would like to be able to do for Nicole, about how the wedding would be at the home of John and Jacqueline (her mom) on the new porch. As I listened to James, I asked it might be possible for us to meet at the house at some point in the week so I could measure the patio and see which of our arbors might work to serve as a backdrop against the beautiful bay windows of the porch. We made plans to meet on Wednesday. As Tuesday came to a close, we not only had the venue, but tables and chairs, full access to our inventory, a budget for flowers and an order placed, donation of a personal cake and cupcakes, a second donation of cupcakes, fruit, and lots of setup helpers!!! I had the photos James had sent, and did my sketch ups for our meeting. On Wednesday morning I spoke via text to Nicole for the first time - this was a first for me, as I normally talk to the bride first, so I can get an idea of what's important to her. In this instance, there was nothing, NOTHING more important to Nicole than having her momma at her wedding. With so much on her mind, the last thing I wanted to do was burden her with questions and details - so I again, just listened and picked up on any queues from her texts I could. Cherub Statue, got it! Must see this so I can find a way to incorporate it!!! Cliff and I met James, John and Scott (Nicoles brother) on Wednesday at the house, took our measurements and realized what tremendous people these folks are, and the love of their long time neighbors! These same neighbors had volunteered their driveways for cars, and agreed to the street closure. John was gracious enough to show me the cherub that Nicole told me was important to her. We got home from the visit, and what did I find but an email that would stop me in my tracks! One of my other recent Angel Brides Gabrielle, saying simply,
Attached to the email was a confirmation for dinner for 40 people from Stonefire Grill. OMG OMG OMG - I muddles some lame sort of thank you through my tears, and she said - "I promised myself I'd never forget how you helped me and pay it forward". I wasn't quite sure how to tell Nicole and James, but I did and as I imagined, they were quite surprised. I could ONLY imagine how they felt - the sorrow of preparing for the passing of a parent, the excitement of a wedding and a baby on the way - the stress of trying to put it all together, and then POOF two days later - it's all done and just a matter of putting it all together now. Thursday - January 29th. The tent was setup, astro turf put down in the front - finalizing details of deliveries, setup etc. Flowers delivered to my house - we prepped and started our build list.
Friday - tables and chairs delivered to the house, our flower fairy team got busy building - started sending sneak peeks, and to our delight she was thrilled! Saturday morning - the big day has arrived! We arrived at 9am to begin our setup - the volunteers arrived shortly there after - and the normal chaos ensued LOL by 11:30 things were starting to really take shape - 12:00 final touches, 12:30 guests started arriving, 1:00 we were doing our final cleanup and waiting for the 'bride is ready' announcement. As you might imagine we had several kleenex moments this wedding day, because there were so many present to celebrate the lift of a very special woman who would be soon departing, as well as the union of a marriage that was about to happen. Many many tears, including my own as these moments occured. At one point, Amy (who was the photographer) came to me and said they want you in the house - my heart dropped.... what's wrong? The bridesmaids needed some guidance for lineup and processional stuff. Ah, perfect! Back outside so as to not intrude on the moments that this mother and her daughter were sharing.... no way! The guests will wait until they're both ready.
The ceremony started as John wheeled his beautiful wife out the front door onto her porch to watch her baby girl walk up the aisle and marry the man of her dreams. No, there was not a dry eye in the place - there were many many moments.... but none so special as the smile on Jacquelines face as her daughter rounded the corner up the aisle, or when as soon as they were pronounced husband and wife they stopped at gave her a kiss on the cheek.
These special moments - a gift more valued than any physical thing one can purchase - this is what simple acts of kindness were able to give this bride. So many people came together to make this day happen for not only this couple, but for this mother. We thank all who gave of their time, their energy, their talents - to make this day so special! If YOU know an Angel Bride that needs our help - please contact us at 877-884-4129 or 714-657-8845 or email us at