Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So...if it's NOT just a free wedding - then what exactly IS an Angel Bride?

Seems as though despite our best efforts to explain to people what our Angel Brides program is, what we do and how we help couples make the wedding happen they thought wouldn't or couldn't be - we're still getting emails asking about the 'contest' and how they can get a FREE wedding? Got just such an email a few weeks ago and it threw me off, I must admit. I scratch my head and wonder aloud, Where do these people find us? HOW? do they google how to get a free wedding or what? lol People that know what we do, what we're about and what we CAN do - we should ask them to explain it, shouldn't we? So here goes, we all know you're out there - because we've had the joy, honor and pleasure of being part of your wedding - sometimes right out in the open, and sometimes behind the scenes just providing the stuff and your friends and family did all the work. Sometimes we did all the work so you could just show up and enjoy the day with your guests - sometimes it was just holding your hand virtually and helping you spread that uber tight budget beyond what you ever thought you could - but....if you're out there, please - take a couple minutes, and share with folks how we helped you make your wedding be?? Thank you from the bottom of our pixie dust covered hearts! AB Dream Team!

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