Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Each of these folks has their own style, technique and charm. They came to us from all over Southern California - Our staff and brides were so thankful and grateful to have been able to work with them. Please show your appreciation for their kind and giving hearts by visiting their sites, and referring them to your friends. Help us reward them. I am still getting logo information for one more, so please check back.

Jeff Almquist came to us through Event Planner Michelle Brydenthal and stepped in to be Christine and Edwins Photographer.

Christina is actually a client of mine - we are helping her with her upcoming wedding next year. When we told her about this event, she was happy to step in and help. She spent the day with Nicole and Scott, and I am so eager to see the results.

I've known Lynn and Jon from Create and Capture for a while now, and was honored to have them jump in and volunteer for this event. They worked with Susan and David from sun up to sun down, and beyond - I cannot wait to see their sneaks!

David worked with LaShawn and Todd to ensure that every detail was captured even with the super late start they got for the day.

Jaime was my 4am find - and I cannot thank her enough - she jumped in and captured Amber and Wesleys magical journey through the day. She sent me to her blog and gave me permission to repost here.

Justin was referred to us by one of our Dream Team members who could not be present. He, along with Cody Beach (another referral sent to us) worked with Jessie and Trinidad, and made them feel truly special. Like royalty!

Devin Workman is a man of few words, but he makes up for it in the magic he captures o camera. He spent the day with Colleen and Terry.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you - I know these couples will cherish the memories you captured on film. Picutres speak a thousand words alright, but wedding pictures - they speak happiness, tears, joy and hope.

Here's to our hopegivers!

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