Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Champion We Needed

I have to give a separate and very special shout out to the Crystal Cathedral - we've all had a pretty tough year, and they are no exception. Well I'd say they've probably had it a bit tougher than most of us - with not so good press.

I have to tell you all - I had really just about given up hope on finding a replacement venue and was just heartbroken and sick for our couples at the thought of having to tell them some very sad news.

I am so eternally grateful that I never had to do that! Kari Moeller who is the Wedding Coordinator for the Cathedral was quick to respond. I mentioned in an earlier post that they'd contacted me to inquire about working together next year - and I certainly hope now that all is said and done that they still want to =)

They were so very welcoming to our cause, our couples and our staff. They were kind, gracious, professional and such an extreme pleasure to work with. If you haven't ever been there, take the time and go - if you've been there before - go back and say hello. Tell them we sent you!

Perhaps we will even see you there!

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