Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 - What will it bring for Angel Brides?

Happy New Year to you all! 2010 ended with the most amazing multi couple wedding! Something I'm sure many thought couldn't be done. It didn't come without it's hiccups, but they say nothing worthwhile is easy or without difficulty, right? I couldn't be happier to report that five weeks later all seven of our couples are happy, healthy and enjoying married life!

The end of 2010 also brought some personal challenges to the Taylor family, with the health challenges of my mom and my amazing husband losing his job. While it would be easy to say - no more Angel Brides until money gets better - the Taylors and Events TaylorMade have renewed our commitment to our mission and again made it our priority to serve those who've given up hope of a wedding or reception.

So far this year we have been introduced to three new Angel Brides and their betrothed - we are so very excited to help them, however we can! Two of them have come to us through referrals from former Angel brides - what a special treat to hear that! ANNNND, Events TaylorMade was just awarded the Brides Choice Award for the second year in a row!

Our team continues to grow with new volunteers and interns. Those who've worked with us in previous events who would like to become involved - it is so heartwarming to experience this! I was recently contacted by a florist who would really like to be part of the Dream Floral Team!

As we continue to tell people, if you know an Angel Bride - please send them our way - while we can't always do everything for everyone - we can ALWAYS do something for everyone! And with many helping hands? Magic can happen for every bride!

Love and Hugs to all!


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