Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More photos from the Big Day - Jessie and Trinidad

Is THAT not an amazing photo??? I KNEW someone got this photo and simply couldn't remember who it was! I kept asking the photographers was it you? Well I finally figured out who it was! After an embarrassing realization that I'd sent my Thank You note to the wrong email address, I forwarded my original message to Justin, one of our last minute heros that came to our rescue after an email that was intended for event vendors went out to everyone involved instead causing many of the original wedding vendors to drop out.
Jessie and Trinidad were nominated by Trinidads cousin - when I contacted the cousin to let her know that we had selected them, I ended up speaking with her mom who then put me in contact with Sue - Trinidads mom and an amazing wonderful woman! She quickly shared our joy and helped give the great news to our very surprised couple. You can see Sue holding the bouquet during the vow exchange as she was the MOH! This couple quickly became MY couple...I worked with them from the start until the finish and beyond. I warned Jessie that they will always be part of our lives now...

This GORGEOUS bouquet was created by Jen K Floral Designs in Orange - you can reach this incredibly talented and giving woman through her website ( I remember Jessie said she felt like Royalty carrying it up the aisle. Jen and her design team took great care in making sure the bouquet matched the gown, asking for photos of the gown.

Jessie wore a gown that came from our very own Fairy GodMothers Closet - having never been worn by a bride - they were dealing with car issues and couldn't make the trip up to try on gowns, so Cliff and I drove to them with a truck full of gowns - the moment she had this one on it spoke to her, and then it spoke to Trinidad too. The tux we took down with us to get an idea on sizing worked perfectly for him, just needed a little hemming and they were good to go.

Justin, like many of the other photographers, captured some amazing photos to include the gorgeous one at the top (and one of yours truly with the bride) - looking through these pictures and the joy on their faces brought back the memories of an amazing day and I will admit that the tears came a callin once again - ahh the beauty of doing something good for others! Honestly, I hope this feeling NEVER goes away.

All I can say is thank you Justin - for capturing Jesse and Trinidads most amazing day! And for sharing with this oh so proud and hopefully still humble FGM.

To reach Justin, you can email him at or visit his website at

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