Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Angel Bride Shareen

This amazing young woman was sent to me by her cousin, Angel Bride Aimee from last year.

Shareen and Anthony have two of the most handsome young boys, a large family to celebrate with, and very little budget to work with. We happily worked with her through the planning process, budget crisis and O EMMM GEEEE .....R A I N!!! As we all learned with the Angel Bride wedding in December, Outside/Backyard receptions and r a i n do NOT mix well - so what do you do? Shareens new mother in law was gracious and paid the fees for the Masons Hall in Garden Grove and we suddenly had ourselves a venue!

What a gorgeous day it turned out to be - slight delay while the rings were located and a two bouquets grew into three to accommodate an unexpected arrival of a bridesmaid thought unavailable.... but flexibility is our middle name, and thanks the Aimess quick thinking and extra scissors and tulle in the truck - we had it covered!

Angel Bride Dream Team DJ Extraordinaire Rob Wilkins rocked the house, quite literally and ruled the dance floor!

My Flower Girls rocked out some amazing floral pieces, and Artistic Cakes made the most insane cakes ever!

Thank you Shareen and Anthony, for allowing us to be part of your special day - super thanks to AB Team Member Robert Schoales and my amazing husband Cliff for single handedly pulling off the set up in record time!

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  1. Erin we could never thank you and your husband enough in which words could explain! You absolutely made our wedding day a dream come true! Your artistic and amazing work turned our wedding into a wedding that will always be remember! Your absolutely an a amazing women who does tremendous things for others. In which we'll always have a special place for you in our hearts! Thank you so very much ... and god bless you Erin, our fairy god mother!
    Shareen & Anthony