Saturday, August 27, 2011

Its the little things...

It never fails! We always look for ways we can help our brides to have the day they want and deserve....and sometimes we forget that its the little things that can mean the most.  Things like simply listening and reassuring them that theyve done good and are going to have a beautiful day! Or it could be opening your garage door and letting them look through a treasure box of gorrrgeous hair accessories recently donated to our be able to say of course you can use them! Please, help yourself!

I will admit i do love it when such an oportunity arises, and i know its just a matter of a phone call or a facebook posting and a hero emerges and steps up and say, you betcha! I want to celebrate this person...and then that moment when i get to reach out to the bride and say...guess what? We got it covered! How else can we help?

For me it was nothing more than putting a little pixie dust in the air and letting it become what it would, but to an amazing bride who deserves the world? It is everything!

Amazing how the little things make such a difference.

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