Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Evolution of the Fairy GodMothers Closet

Once all the dust settled from Kerrys wedding, the cameras were no longer around and life just went suddenly back to normal - we had all this 'stuff' that had been donated for the wedding. We had gowns, candles, linens, candles, vases, candles, and oh yes, we had a few choices for, yes you guessed it - candles!

We had a bride who got married just 2 weeks before Kerry who literally loaned us her entire reception if we wanted it. We returned her stuff to her, but told her if she decided to sell it to please let us know so we had first dibs at buying it and shared our vision for moving forward - pretty simple we thought.... build up a resource where brides could go to rent or borrow basics at little or no cost - so that no one ever had to go without again.

Kerry eventually moved on to other things, but has always been incredibly supportive. The other bride Toni joined forces with me for a short period of time before life happened, and ultimately sold me her items for an amazing price. I frequently scoured craigslist for brides wanting to get rid of leftover items they'd purchased and snatched it up with a devlish grin, knowing that 'someone' would want this!

Our goal was to be able to provide basic items - to date we have floor length linens in four different colors, overlays in 10 different colors, chair sashes and covers, gowns, glassware you name it! We started getting word out about what we had, telling people that they can rent it for literally pennies on the dollar and if they just had no money, they could simply borrow it - check it out like a library book - the cost? Add something to it when they bring it back. As the concept caught, on we had more 'stuff' than we knew what to do with it. One shelf quickly became one Unit, then two, four - and we had to put it somewhere.

Along came the most amazing, quaint little office. (the Closet)!!

525 square feet of magic we call it. Seemed big when we moved in November 1st - six months later we have grown so much we are rearranging and the once conference room is now the storage room and the once storage room is now my office. As this amazing pay it forward movement continues, I see needing more space! Already told the landlord that I want the next office over that connects with mine - that will definitely get us through a few more years! Only problem is that it's still occupied =D

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