Thursday, April 1, 2010

Angel Bride #3 - April & Josh

I've actually known April since she was in second grade with my oldest daughter Crystal, but hadn't been in contact with her since they were in high school. Crystal had been updating me on how close it was getting to the wedding, and about oh 9 days out or so, Crystal sent me an email that says something to the effect that mom, April needs your help! She's getting married next week and she has NO VENUE or anything for a reception! The person arranging it didn't and now she's got nowhere to go! O-M-G.....a venue in under 10 days? wow okay time to get to work for sure!

Before she ever called me I was sending Crystal links to as many venues as possible -not knowing what kind of budget she had or didn't have, I just kept it as inexpensive as I could. The second or third one I sent she loved, the price was great and it was available - so they booked it! YAHOOO!!!

Met with April and her FMIL (Future Mother-in-law for the non wedding-ese speakers reading this) the Sunday before the wedding. Talked about what they had, didn't have, what they wanted to see happen. She just wanted something nice - we talked about what colors she wanted (red/white/silver) - okay, I've got that I said - I didn't have white linens, but knew I could make them easily....speak it into existance, right? We talked about menu - I made a phone call to my dear friend and favorite caterer, Kitty and got a menu put together for them at a price they jumped at! And in a matter of an hour we had their reception planned. Now to pull it all together.

Another friend of the girls', Sarah made the wedding cake (which was simply stated, AMAZING) and came to pick up my just ordered and received Silver plated cake stand that I just love! The week went by fairly smoothly, I began cutting the white fabric like it was nothing, clearly I didn't realize how long sewing 15 linens would take.... note to self: it's not like sewing a napkin!

We started sewing Friday night, working like a mad woman making these white linens and red runners! Five broken needles and a minor meltdown came my way Saturday late morning when I realized that OMG I'm running out of time (things clients never realize we go through) but we got them done - by 2 pm! what was the problem? lol

Come to find out that we can't get IN to start setting up until 6pm. Really? the reception starts at oh 6:30!!! So out goes the texting, rallying the troops, and lots of them! Up pulls a team of 10 volunteers! no kidding! there were 10 of them! Jesseca, Jean, Erin, Courtnea, Kelly, Kaysie, Tom, John, Crys, Kortney and Greg. My newest acquaintance, Michelle brought along many of her amazing value priced ecoutrements to add some amazing shine, shimmer, and elegance to the night! Kitty arrived with her food, and thankfully the young attendant opened the doors 4 minutes early for us! 27 minutes later we transformed the once empty room into a warm, welcoming, candle lit, twinkle light filled reception room! The bride and groom arrived right on time, the doors were opened and an evening of memories and love took place!

Come time for clean up, some of the volunteers returned, but my most ardent (not so much a volunteer, more like volunteered) supporter arrived. My very own big red dog in his big red truck came to help load everything up and rescue his by now very tired wife. I have many members that make up support team, but only one that supports my soul - my husband of almost 20 years, Cliff. He pulls up and says, rest babe - I got this. You did your work, let me help you. And so he does - he loads my 'stuff' so quickly and efficiently it amazes me everytime.

Our team of volunteers are what makes this whole Pay it Forward thing possible - we'd never be able to do this if we had to pay staff members. Our volunteers are our friends, our family members, our past brides and grooms, and even some of our future brides and grooms! Kortney? she wasn't getting married until February 20th and this was December 5th! She even brought in her friend Greg! A huge thanks for all of our volunteer dream makers!

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