Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel Bride # 4 - Kim & Stevens Wedding

Throughout the time I was planning Kerry and Kurts wedding, I would always scour the CL postings to find other brides that just needed some help. Kim was one of those brides. She and Steven were so excited to get married - but her father was going through cancer treatments and she couldn't bare the thought of asking him to help pay for a wedding. She herself couldn't do much of the planning as she was in the midst of a high risk pregnancy and needed to avoid stress as much as possible.

There were lots of breaks in our correspondence as lifes moments happened for Kim and Steven, but low and behold they were able to come up with a date - December 12, 2009. My moms birthday! What a great day! Just a small, intimate group of 12 plus our couple.

We found them a venue they wanted, Leslie Park in Dana Point, so of course I suggested to them that they plan their lunch at Pete Truxaw's Salt Creek Grille - the best place for a small wedding party to dine. All seemed set - except the gown -not many places have maternity gowns that don't look like a mumu - so we set out searching for her, found several for her to choose from and delivered them to her so she could try them on (by mid- November she was on bedrest) we finally found one that worked and she loved! YAY!!! All is set and ready to go!

Flash forward to December 11, 2009 - TORRENTIAL RAIN.... also forecast for Saturday -hmmm Leslie Park - outdoor wedding - torrential rain - this is not going to make for a good day. Quickly typing, I contacted Pete and Christy at Salt Creek to find out if they had somewhere we could have a quiet, intimate wedding - once again they proved just WHY we love Salt Creek - they opened up their Private Library to our couple and provided what turned out to be the most romantic, intimate, candlelit wedding!

Kerry heard of the wedding and insisted on doing the flowers - paying it forward and they were drop dead gorgeous! My amazing friend William Dick (WDPhoto.inc - my faaavorite photographer, and proud partner in my Angel Bride Group)stepped in and photographed the big event - amazing shots as always

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