Friday, June 11, 2010

Angel Bride #2 - Kortney

I just love Kortney! I met her through her posting on Craigslist - she posted not long after Kerrys third update to her ad on CL - this would have been in August. Kortney believes not only in pay it forward, but doing so in advance! She came and helped with Kerrys wedding preparations on more than one occasion - came and worked my first bridal show with me and worked the December 5th wedding with me -and even brought a friend! I was so inspired after hearing that Kortneys fiance' Charles lived in Vegas, wouldn't be moving out here until not too long before the wedding, so she was doing most of the planning on her own - and all of the money was coming from them as well.

The venue that was offered to her was a lovely older church that isn't used for weddings and receptions very often, but it was perfect for what they needed and wanted. The folks at Grace Bible Church in Fullerton couldn't have been more accommodating!

Many wonderful people from Team Angel came together to make an special day amazing - Kitty put on a spread not to be beaten for an unheard of price she'd seen Kortney working at all of my events and said - "Oh we need to take good care of this girl!". I was so excited to learn that Rob had stepped in and taken on her wedding - he is such a sonsummate professional that is pure joy to work with! Michelle from Mire La Chancla jumped was IN and made a gorgeous pair of Havianis. Will would have been there but had already been booked on that date - but the photographer she got was excellent and took some amazing photos.

It was a beautiful wedding - filled with many of lifes precious moments to include a family ceremony to include Gabi and a father daughter dance that would melt your heart.

Kortney, Charles and Gabi - thank you so much for everything you've done for us here and for allowing us to be part of your amazing day!

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