Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Angel Bride #7 - Tina

I actually found Tina - she'd placed an ad on CL - the saddest little ad I've seen. They had the venue, an old church in Brea - very dark, dim, and gothic looking. Not at all what she'd envisioned for her wedding day. She just wanted to make it something even close to what she was hoping to have.

It took a few attempts to get ahold of them, and it was actually Kyle that called to make sure it wasn't a cruel joke. It took a little convincing, but we got them to come in, and I told them to take a look and they could use whatever they wanted. They didn't want anything for the reception, just the church.

Kyle was very excited, but poor Tina was incredibly overwhelmed and couldn't come up with anything solid to ask for. This was a big turning point for me - I realized so many things thanks to Tina and I can't thank her enough. I realized that 1)what seems to me to be just 'stuff' at time and 'no big deal' ISN'T just stuff or no big deal to someone who has nothing; and 2)that I need to not reveal the 'closet' until after we have gotten through the haze or realizing that someone really is offering to help and really isn't asking for anything in return but a picture (well, okay a thank you is always nice, too). So the first trip came and went - they came back again with help this time - they came back two more times as a matter of fact and by the last time, she was smiling as she tried on veils and tiaras!

We got them loaded up with all the pretty stuff - they came back a few days later with tales of a lovely wedding and many new additions to our Fairy GodMothers Closet as well as the important lessons I got from them. Thank you so much Tina & Kyle

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