Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Angel Bride #5 - April

April is one of my brides who needed rental stuff but had no budget for the normal route. She saw one of our ads on good ole CL and responded with her list.

We put together a package deal where basically everything you need for 150 people, we offer it one of two ways - if you have $350.00 you can 'rent' it - if not, you can 'borrow' them. We ask that you take care of them and also contribute something else back to the FGM Closet. If we have volunteers or team members available we will offer to go help set up and tear down if they want or need it. But sometimes? they just need the stuff and want to do it themselves, which we fully support.

Her wedding colors were something that we didn't have in stock, so I bartered my fees for fabric with one of my other clients who was already ordering organza in bulk. We made overlays and chair sashes to match her colors.

Delivery was fun - the first batch was delivered no problem, but they forgot a few items and we were still finishing up making the linens. So we made a second trip for delivery - bumper to bumper traffic! Arrived to drop off at 10pm although we left at 5:30pm.... (minor route detour there)

I heard back that the wedding was gorgeous, got pictures in my inbox and a major contribution back to our closet - thank you so much April and your wonderful mom, too!

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